The Alliance fosters and promotes creativity by encouraging connections between individuals, organizations, artists, performers, and audiences throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


In 2016, the idea of an Alliance emerged in recognition of the synergy to be gained by working together in the development of the Arts and Culture sector. A team of leaders began holding conversations, engaged the Michigan Council on Arts and Cultural Affairs, and through a small grant hired Arts Midwest to guide the process. A design team gave shape to this important regional effort. At present a baseline of more than 1,000 artists, artisans, and arts and culture organizations have been invited into the unfolding work of this Alliance!


Taylor Kulju

The individuals who are volunteering their time for this imperative cause are the most empowering, dedicated, driven, collaborative, supportive, talented, group of creatives whose love for the Upper Peninsula make you proud to be a yooper. Thank you for all that you do. 


Nancy Korpela

This Alliance is an outstanding effort of existing and emerging organizations and individual artists and makers, and encourages connections between artists, performers, craftsmen, audiences, patrons, businesses, and art and culture organizations all across the UP to collaborate and inform all of us on Arts and Culture guidance and happenings. This will enable all of us to optimize our events and work in a shared and informed manner.

Ellen Benoit

I would encourage Upper Peninsula artisans, historians, and organizations to get involved with The Upper Peninsula Arts and Culture  Alliance where connections, networking and collaborations will stir everyone's creative juices.


The Upper Peninsula Arts and Culture Alliance is a 15-county affinity group comprised of Artisans and art organizations, historians and culture bearers, as well as allies in related sectors such as tourism and recretaion, local and regional governement and economic development. The success of the Alliance will be determined by our ability to improve the visibility, connectivity, and sustainability of the arts and culture sector as part of the broader fabric of regional Upper Peninsula development. 

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